A Deadly Concoction

A bag of baffling clues.

A string of mysterious deaths.

A race to expose the truth …

When mystery author Tiggy Jones launches Mystery Week in her local town in Devon, she opens a donated bag of ‘mystery items’ to entertain the audience. But the first thing she takes out has a nasty stain on it. Is it blood? Or is someone playing a trick to embarrass her?

Tiggy rescues the moment and takes the bag home, only to discover it’s full of perplexing evidence. With her curiosity piqued, she begins to dig into the tangled connections between the clues.

Why has the isolated distillery at Larrington Hall on Dartmoor seen so many deaths over the last twenty years?

Does the 500-year-old legend behind its exclusive blue liqueur hide a dangerous secret?

And when Tiggy gets close to uncovering one truth too many, will the purpose behind the bag of evidence turn deadly?

Join Tiggy Jones as she discovers that researching a mystery novel is usually safe but investigating a murder is perilous.

To be published 25 March 2024

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