The Fourth Door

Thirty years ago, a baby boy was kidnapped …

When Selkie Moon travels to Hong Kong to discover his fate, she has high hopes of using her psychic twinges to find him and reunite him with his father. Until the tea leaves on her flight make a chilling prediction.

Then in a Kowloon night-market, Selkie witnesses a child abduction – and the echoes with her quest suddenly raise the stakes.

As the strange events escalate and reach back into Chinese folklore, Selkie is forced to confront the powerful force that’s hell-bent on stopping her. The omens are unmistakeable.

Someone is going to die.

Someone closest to her?

Or Selkie herself?

If you love intricate puzzles with a woman under pressure and a touch of magic realism, then you’ll adore The Fourth Door.

Get it now.

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